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Veismed LLC

One of the principles on which the public health system  of the Republic of Belarus is based is the social orientation and accessibility of medical care. The most important component of this principle is the availability of unhindered access to equipment for medicines and medical services for doctors and patients both.

The activity of the company Veismed LLC is aimed at studying, developing and producing of high tech medical products  in accordance with international quality standards and it will contribute further development  of the state import substitution program.

We define our goal as an opportunity for all healthcare institutions to reach a new higher level of medical care during surgical interventions. The development of any innovative and effective product is a very time-consuming  process. We are also faced with the task of developing scientific, technical and production potentials of our country. This is  complicated but interesting and ambitions project, the novelty and relevance of which is proved not only for local but for worlds markets also.

To achieve the mentioned objects our company continues research and experimental thematic work while constructing facility for the production of appropriate medical devices in the territory of China-Belarus Industrial Park «Great Stone».